Welcome to the Neuroscience of Mindfulness Conference 2019

The international Neuroscience of Mindfulness (NoM) conference 2019 is a scientific meeting designed to gather neuroscientists to share findings and inquire about the neuronal mechanisms underlying the cognitive/biological processes of mindfulness/meditation and related topics. The panel of conferences aims to describe the scientific basis of the neuronal mechanisms underlying meditations as a way to better understand cognitive processes as attention and memory, its implications in stress regulation, the interaction between brain and body and the scientific based models of the self and consciousness.

It is, in addition, the first time that a scientific conference of neuroscience of mindfulness is simultaneously translate to Spanish language, aiming to impulse the meditation-research environment in Spanish-speaking countries.

Why attend NoM 2019?

NoM 2019 will be the first conference in Europe joining prestigious scientists of both cognitive and meditation research. It is an opportunity to learn solid basis about the neuronal processes underlying meditation practice, establish fruitful relationships and discuss with recognized experts.

Who should attend NoM 2019?

  • Cognitive neuroscience scientists aiming to know what mindfulness, as a cognitive process, can help in the knowledge of neuronal mechanism of attention and the intrinsic nature of mind.
  • Meditation scientists who want to present theirs work and discuss about the highest research projects with other scientists.
  • Anyone interested in gaining knowledge about the biological basis of meditation.

Below you can find the basic pricing information for assisting to the Conference:

Ticket TypeSale StartsSale EndsPrice
Regular early Jan 15, 2019 Apr 19, 2019 450 €
Regular Apr 20, 2019 Jun 19, 2019 540 €
Student early Jan 15, 2019 Apr 19, 2019 300 €
Student Apr 20, 2019 Jun 19, 2019 360 €

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University of Birmingham
Harvard Medical School
Texas Tech University
Harvard Medical School
Brown University
University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Medicine
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

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