Take a Survey Main hall Jun 20, 2019 Main Presentation
Physiology of attention, memory and mindfulness 09:30 - 10:10

Networks in the brain must rely on powerful mechanisms for routing, maintaining and prioritizing information processing. From a larger set of attention and memory studies we now have evidence for the notion that alpha oscillations (9 – 12 Hz) are inhibitory and serve to route information: ‘gating by inhibition’. The alpha band activity is under top-down control by areas in the dorsal attention network including striatal regions. The alpha activity is particularly strongly modulated in sensory regions in attention and working memory tasks. Amongst others, we have been investigating how meta-awareness relates to alpha band oscillations in the somatosensory system. An MEG study revealed that alpha power in somatosensory regions corresponded to self-reported attentional focus. Finally, we have attempted to relate the finding findings on metacognition and alpha oscillations to the ability to engage in mindfulness meditation. 

University of Birmingham


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